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Focusing on the Why and How

It has been a challenging month. As summers typically go, I start my days with a run, outside, go to the gym a couple days a week to lift, maybe golf a couple times a week, and then do it all over again. I look forward to my summer. This year, however, has been different. One business trip followed by a jam packed family vacation, followed by a second business trip, throw in driving my grandchildren to summer camp 3 times a week-early-and my summer workout routine has been disrupted. Add an injured spouse who can’t play golf into the mix and you can see what I mean about challenging.

There are a few bright additions to my workout routine that I am enjoying, however, and one of them is my speed workouts at the track. I have never in my life run on a track before this summer, and I love it! As I have said before, I am not very fast, but going to the track once a week forces me to run fast, and it is fun and I find it easy. There is something about being able to see the finish line, and knowing there is  a finite distance with a starting point and ending point that is quite satisfying.


The second addition, at the new gym with the new trainer, is getting to learn new lifting techniques.  Awkward at first, learning new lifts requires concentration and practice. It is satisfying to understand there is a purpose and a method to achieving that purpose. In each session I learn something new that causes me to think. I am grateful for all I have learned over the years, because it means I can take my training to the next level. It is interesting to not only experience the intersection of strength and running, but to actually begin to understand it and apply it throughout the day and across other activities.

So even though I challenge myself to make time to run, through heat, humidity, and at strange times of the day, to hit my paces, to learn to push jerk and floor press through my awkwardness as I work toward proper technique, I am finding my way back to a positive attitude and inner peace as well.

I am no longer obsessing over weight, and body fat, and running schedules. I am gaining back confidence and gaining back trust in the process and the plan; the focus is on the why and how, not the what.



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