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MAYBE I’m crazy, my husband certainly thinks I am! My next big race is the Wallis Sands Half Marathon in May. It is a local sold-out favorite along the beautiful New Hampshire coastline.


I ran my first half 20 months ago and have been on a mission to improve my half marathon race experience ever since. My coach and personal trainer calls it the “art of racing.” I call it hard work and a tad crazy.


I recently competed in the Galveston Half Marathon  while on a visit to Texas to visit my daughter, son in law and new 3 week old granddaughter. The visit was wonderful, the race did not go so well. I learned you cannot train in cold New England conditions and expect your body to be prepared to run in Texas.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.34.40 AM

This time around I am running Wallis Sands with a group of co-workers and friends to raise money for On Belay. I ran injured last year, but it was worth it.

Team On Belay will once again be running for kids and families affected by cancer. If you are so inclined, visit the link above to donate.

After a 2 week rest from running, I am ready to pick up the miles, once again. Of course right now the roads are hidden by 10 foot snowbanks, there are no shoulders or sidewalks, and the temperature with a windchill is -20 degrees.

So I will head to the gym, lift some weights, jump onthe treadmill, and be grateful I am healthy enough to get out and shovel off my deck.



  1. This is a wonderful blog and a spectacular start to your new goals! Once again, you are inspiring me, as I have been procrastinating keeping up my own blog posts. I particularly love the WP theme you chose and the way it displays photos so well. Nice job, my friend!

    • brophycat@comcast.net

      Thanks Cathy, it was nice to finally just do it! I have to keep reminding myself that a Blog is dynamic and it is okay to keep tweaking it along the way. I am glad, too, that I finally have a place to share some of what has inspired me along the way!

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