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What I Learned: Beer Runners

Today was supposed to be my first long training run for Wallis Sands Half Marathon, but since it was only a 6 miler, I decided to register for Portsmouth Beer Week’s Beer Run inspired run sponsored by 2 Beer Guys, Runner’s Alley, and Redhook Brewary. The fun 3 or 5 mile running event supported the Pan Mass Challenge 100 %. In addition to being able to run 5 miles with friends, the group was treated to beer and the premiere showing of the documentary film about The Fishtown Beer Runners.

If you haven’t heard their story:  Running + Beer = Fun

The Fishtown Beer Runners® combine responsible running and consumption in the interest of science. We gather once a week to run three to five miles, and conclude each run at a pub for a beer or two.

I love the message featured in this film about finding a way to share what you love while inspiring others, unconditionally-all in the name of physical exercise and having fun. The story is one we can all relate to-a story of overcoming personal adversity and persevering, while engaging in a supportive community activity. The mission and spirit, however, is unique.

As I sat with my daughter listening to the Beer Runners’ stories, I realized I don’t have to have a reason to run other than to enjoy the experience and share it with others.

So if you have not heard of the Fishtown Beer Runners, I am sharing it here. See you in Philly.


  1. Great posting! I was at the movie too and feel the same way. I called Jeanine yesterday to get a Seacoast Beer Runners group going. See you in the bar after our first run!

    • brophycat@comcast.net

      Hey Sam, thanks for your reply! I can’t wait until the streets and sidewalks downtown are clear and ice free;I would love to join a group run some eve, but not with the roads so messy, I would trip and fall for sure! #PortsmouthBeerrunners sounds like a fabulous idea!

  2. Beer? Sign me up! 🙂

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