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A Warm Welcome

TO everyone who happened to find their way here. I invite you to live in the moment with me as I try to figure out where I am headed next. I cannot promise we will not get a little lost along the way, but in the end, there will always be lessons learned.

Today it is all about the snow, snow, snow. It is the second weekend in a row I have foregone my long run for shoveling. I am in between half marathons, and after a 2 week recovery from the Galveston Half February 1, I am more than ready to run again!Unfortunately, running outside is not an option, as snowbanks are 10-12 feet tall, roads are narrow and snow covered. So, I spent a few snowy days getting my new blog set up.

Goals for the week:

  1. Announce the new blog-Done!
  2. Foam roll and stretch daily
  3. Run 3x, weight train 2x
  4. Follow the 80-20 rule

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