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Week 5: Adjusting to a new normal


For everyone following my journey about transitioning to a new personal trainer and running coach, and for those visiting for the first time, I am now halfway through Week 5, and have spent 6 hrs with my new trainer.

Here is what I have learned so far:

I am in the minority; most people work with a trainer to get into good shape or to become more physically fit; apparently I am in good shape. We are still figuring out what I can and cannot do, and how much weight is too little, too much , or just right, but we are figuring it out.

My goal was to work toward independence, and from day 1, that is what we are working on. It felt awkward at first, not having someone hand me weights and count for me, but now I realize how enabling that was and how unnecessary. If I do something wrong, or forget to count, I can ask or I am coached-but first he lets me try to figure it out on my own. There’s that “gradual release of responsibility” thing again.

Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? The answer is yes and no. I am doing enough-strength training twice  a week and running four times a week is enough. Is it too much? I guess not. Should I be doing more? That is something I struggle with; I always feel like I should be doing more.

The location and schedule are so similar there was no adjustment needed; the equipment is different, but similar enough so that I am familiar with everything so far.

I am still adjusting to my new normal, and my new trainer understands that. If you are a personal trainer, empathy is important.

“I’ve never had to change trainers-but I can imagine that must be hard.”

Yes, it is hard-but the fact that my new trainer understands that makes it just a little easier.





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