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Week 1: What I learned

I am part way through my first week of training for TD Beach to Beacon 10K with a new running coach-my cousin. Things are different already since she is trying to understand where I am as far as my conditioning and my goals.

Some things in your plan will feel the same, but some things will be different; and if you want to know why I am having you do something I want you to ask-because I do have a reason.

The calf cramp I experienced finishing the Wallis Sands Half Marathon ended with a gigantic bruise on my right calf which means there was some damage. I ran a 5K a week after the half and realized that was probably a mistake. But the calf is healing and I feel good.

I also met with a possible new strength and conditioning coach who seems to think we would work well together-but I’m pretty sure everyone says that because, I have learned the hard way, it is after all, a business.

I am still having a difficult time accepting that someone could seemingly care so much about my physical health and well being for more than 3 years, but then throw me to the Internet for all of my training needs in the next minute; I may just remain skeptical forever. I will meet with candidate # 3 this afternoon. More on that in the next post.

And finally, in my journey to educate myself about my strength and conditioning needs, I decided to take the NSCA information-handbook, books, and videos, and conduct a little research into online exercise science courses. I am now officially enrolled in Duke University’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Cuurse): Human Physiology offered via Coursera. For free. I may not understand everything right now, but my goal is not to become a certified strength and conditioning trainer. My goal is to regain my confidence  and trust so that I can continue to progress in my fitness level.



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