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What are you training for?

After several years of working with personal trainers who worked with me and taught me how to specifically train for goals, I now find myself with options-many options. I am in that uncomfortable pace where I get to decide if I want to work out or not, train or not, lift heavy or not, run or not-you get the picture. There is nobody watching over me. There is nobody who particularly cares what I do. I am starting over and although it feels a bit inconsistent right now, I guess I am ready for what happens next. I have joined a new gym with more flexible hours and awesome certified coaches who have experience coaching weightlifting and crossfit. There are members who are lifters, crossfitters and runners and everything in between. There are members who are competitors. I have people I can learn from-besides the coaches, and they are willing to help me become better.

I was surprised at how truly warm and welcoming everyone has been, from younger members, more experienced members, and new members, and that is a testament to the culture and environment reinforced by the owner and coaches. When I walked into Great Bay Crossfit I was very happy I had learned how to set up a barbell on my own and I knew how to do stuff. I could function somewhat independently, with a small degree of confidence. In my head I was grateful for the opportunity I had to learn and grow at Gain SC so that I wasn’t completely out of my element. I was surprised at just how many cross fit type exercises and movements I had already learned. I like that the gym feels like a gym. I like that it feels like the members gym. Open gym means you can walk in and work out completely on your own if you want.  And during semi -private sessions although I am being coached through movements and watched like a hawk- I am expected to be independent. My opinions and questions are valued, and my workouts are planned with my goals in mind-but I am expected to make my own decisions. A year ago I wouldn’t have been ready to do that. I am developing a different attitude toward working out and training. I am discovering patience.

Six months ago I was stuck in a place that felt like I was in a race toward no where in particular, and the harder I tried and worked out and the faster I ran the faster the wheel turned, but in the end I could not sustain the frenetic pace. Looking back is always easier. I realized training is not a quick and easy process, and depending on the goal, it could take months or even years. I will use my son in law as an example. After a 10 year break from running 9 months ago he decided to start running and training to race again. After a few false starts, he decided to stick with it. He has consistently trained and has seen his 5K race times consistently fall. The ups and downs of training and competing have not discouraged him because he knows the overall trend is in the right direction.

So I am in it for life. As long as the overall trend is in the right direction I am good with that. I have started training for a half marathon in April, but that is the first long race of the year, and just the beginning. My goal is to train smart and to train consistently. I am okay with trying new things and experimenting here and there to figure out how my body responds best. At the end of the day there is nobody telling you what to do-you have to just do it.

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