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Thoughts on Running and Coaching

It is that time of year again, and a little more than a year has gone by since I have had a running specific coach. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strength and conditioning coach who understands running as movement, and a skill, who I have been working with to move better, more efficiently, and to become stronger as an athlete. I have spent the year working on improving my running form and other running specific movements, but I have come to realize if I want to continue to run races and improve my race times, I  may still need a running specific coach.

For many months I have felt as if it would be wrong of me to seek out a second coach, but I realize now if I am to continue racing with time goals, I need to be accountable to someone. I need a reason to run fast. I need someone else to help me keep track of my progress and to help me choose races and to help me know when to run, and when to recover. I could do it on my own, but I am not self disciplined enough to push myself. And although I have a running plan, there is nobody monitoring my progress and checking in with me. I have run a couple races now with my own non time specific goals after recovering from a sprained ankle, and I know myself.

I am not pushing myself because I know there is nobody challenging me to do better.

It was a good year of learning and experimenting with a non running coach, but I will most likely try to include a running specific coach for my next race season. I know what I want and I think I know what I need now that I know better. Maybe I will never get any faster, but I need someone who can help me progress from where I am at to where I can go with a plan that makes sense for me. I have one more goal race coming up in a couple weeks and that will be the true test.


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