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The Gym of Life

Once again, a couple timely blog posts got me thinking. This blog post could have been entitled: A Tale of Two Gyms. If you are like me, your definition of “gym” may have changed over the years. From a class in elementary school where everybody did the same thing, got …

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Facing the Biggest Challenge Yet

It’s not about marathons, olympic lifts, or interval training; but it is going to take commitment, perseverance, practice and patience on my part. Right now I’m thinking about it-again, which is why I am writing about it. Over my lifetime I have always participated in physical activities that required me to …

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What I’m Working On

  MAYBE I’m crazy, my husband certainly thinks I am! My next big race is the Wallis Sands Half Marathon in May. It is a local sold-out favorite along the beautiful New Hampshire coastline. I ran my first half 20 months ago and have been on a mission to improve my …

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