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Progress Is Not a Straight Line


Where has the time gone? December means it is time to look back and reflect. As I sat at my kitchen table last night writing notes on Christmas cards, I thought about friends and family I have not seen in awhile, and well, one thing led to another, and here I sit going through 7 years of blog posts on 3 different blogs.

Since earlier in the week I have been thinking about consistency, when my trainer shared that consistency is the key to learning, growth and making lasting change. Of my 3 blogs, the first two were abandoned because I could not consistently write posts. I had boxed myself into thinking the posts had to be written for a specific audience, about specific topics, but I realized I could not compartmentalize my life into separate topics. And so I started this blog, and gave up on the notion that it had to be written for a specific audience. I have found a way to be consistent. This blog is for me to reflect, learn and grow.

Reflecting on 7 years of blog posts has also been a great way to look back at my life-to see what has changed, but also what has remained the same. Here are some highlights:

March 2009: It goes by in a flash, but seems like an eternity at the same time. 4 months of healthy living. What do I have to show for it? I’m not really sure. It’ s not a straight path to the finish line, that’s for sure; and who wants to race to the finish line anyways? It’s trial and error, and becoming aware of choices that affect how you feel and function as a human being.

Nov 1, 2009: I am now un-stuck. My door is open and the possibilities created by creating my PLN are endless. You are what you write. And writing is a craft that must be practiced. With the birth of the Internet, however, writing and sharing and communicating have become so much more dynamic. It is no longer acceptable to be a passive consumer of knowledge and information. We must now also participate in some fashion-and be able to create and share or forward information to others.

Nov 2009: Baby steps. My favorite blog: Zen Habits-if I make a habit of reading it it keeps m grounded and focused on what really matters. Yesterday was Friday the 13th. That would explain a lot,except I didn’t realize it was the unlucky day until 4pm while I was working the arc trainer at the gym, watching Oprah get ready to hand out 250 k to some lucky karaoke singer.

It’s about becoming wiser and more intuitive. It’s about increasing self discipline and foregoing instant gratification. It’s about patience and perseverance and not stepping on the scale every day.

Dec 2009: I have been working with a personal trainer for a year. Yesterday during my session we reviewed the year. I have gained weight. BUT-I am Advil free and able to dead-lift a whole bunch of weight and my back and shoulders and neck feel great. It’s hard not to step on the scales and get that sinking feeling. And the bowl of Lindt truffles next to the computer doesn’t help.

Feb 2010 Everything is Difficult before it is Easy

Nov 2010 Those That Inspire, Teach

December, 2013..“And so it is with teaching any new skill. It is not enough to tell or show once, and expect learning and transfer of knowledge to occur. It takes modeling and practice, over and over again to get it right. ”

December 24, 2013 Adding weight to subtract weight- About 9 months ago I told my personal trainer I wanted to lose 5 pounds. Along with running, I began using more weight training at the gym and began paying attention to what I ate. The My Fitness Pal and Runkeeper Apps really helped me stay focused on my nutrition, which I learned, matters if you want to not only lose weight, but change body composition. A calorie is not a calorie, and the fuel you put into your body is used differently running a 5k than when you run a half marathon. Last week I dead lifted 185 lbs. But that was just a small percentage of the tons of weight I have lifted in the last year. I lost over 30 pounds, but my goals was not focused on losing weight, it was focused on getting stronger.

May, 2014: I cannot say no. I accept all challenges, both physical and mental, and don’t have the sense to know when to say no. I do have the sense to know that this is a recipe for more injury and health related issues if I do not take more than a day off.  This morning is a wake up call. Yes, spending 24 weeks out of 36 training for 4 half marathons may have been a bit much…but maybe if I had been more self aware of my stress level at work and home, I would not have chosen to stress my body as well.

My new goal? Making rest and relaxation as important as working out. Rest means rest-both mind and body.

February, 2015 New Year, Same Goals

May 2015:  “I am still having a difficult time accepting that someone could seemingly care so much about my physical health and well being for more than 3 years, but then throw me to the Internet for all of my training needs in the next minute; I may just remain skeptical forever. I will meet with candidate # 3 this afternoon. More on that in the next post.”

August, 2015  No matter what happens tomorrow during my 6.2 miles, that is a short term goal in life. The longer term goal is to live strong and move pain free no matter what my future brings.

Of course I am trying to live in the present and enjoy what I am able to do NOW. The key to any sport is to remain in the present and stay focused on the task at hand, and remain within yourself.

I am gaining a new appreciation for small details that make a big difference.


My blog posts now reflect my thinking and learning about life and my physical, and mental health and well being. It is amazing to me to see the consistency in my thinking as well as the growth headed in a more positive direction. It was important for me to go back and notice that the path has not always been forward. But in spite of all the life changes I have experienced, I am grateful to have been able to recognize opportunities for self improvement. It is a journey, and I am a work in progress, for sure.

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