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Preparing for a Big Race

Whether you are a recreational runner or someone who competes at an elite level, a “BIG race” is still a big race. If you have put in the work and trained to accomplish your goal than no matter how fast or slow you are, no matter what the outcome, when it comes to the final days before the race there are some things to keep in mind.

First of all, your “BIG” race is not everyone’s big race. Everyone runs their own race. Some people will run simply to give it a try, and others will run for the beer and barbecue. Still others will run to prove to themselves they can do it, while others may run with the hopes of achieving a Personal Record. But if it is your “BIG” race, it is important to prepare as best you can and have a plan right up to race time.

I am a firm believer in preparation. My husband would laugh because I always mess up this saying, but-

Proper planning prevents poor performance.”

The Believe Training Journal  has a great “RACE DAY PLAN” section at the end of the journal to jot down date, time, goals, location, and to sketch out possible scenarios. There is a section to cover logistics, and to jot down your mantra. With nerves and anxiety building in the 48 hours before the race, writing things down and having a plan helps ensure you are controlling things that can be controlled. There is also another famous saying by scientist Louis Pasteur-

Chance favors the prepared mind.

Preparing your mind is harder than you think; it takes discipline, persistence and resilience to train for months to attempt to achieve your goal. You have to be prepared for the ups and downs, but in the end, consistency usually pays off.

In the final days before the “BIG race, there is nothing left to do but trust in your training and have faith and confidence in yourself. There is nobody else that can give that to you.


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