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New Year, Same Goals

Now that we are well into February, I find myself thinking about my fitness goals for the year. Last year my goal was to run 14 races in 2014, I actually ended up running 16, 3 of which were half marathons, and managed to pull that off while taking 2 months off to recover from a bad case of ITB tendonitis.

I wanted to get stronger and faster. I did get a bit faster, I guess, a mere few seconds from a 5K PR in a New Year’s resolution race that I hadn’t trained for and ran slightly under the weather. And I did get stronger, but I did not do a great job measuring how much stronger, because I didn’t really do regular assessments-mostly because the ITB injury set me back.

I also wanted to lose 4 lbs. Just because. That didn’t happen, but I can live with that because I did not gain weight, either.

In order to have success, most people would agree SMART goal setting is important. Goals should be  Specific, Measureable, Attainable, (Action Oriented) Relevant, (Realistic)and Timely.

GOAL #1: For 2015, I decided to try running 2,015 miles-with a partner-so that each of us would run 1007.5 miles, or 2.75 miles a day, on average. This is a great, motivating way to get in your weekly miles, consistently, while at the same time working with someone (or alone) to accomplish a goal! You can sign up for via Run The Edge or you can just do it on your own using and keep track of your miles using a diary or online App like Runkeeper. This is easy to measure and realistic.


GOAL #2: I do have 3 race goals, the first being a half marathon goal. I want to run a 2:15 half marathon. I know I can do it if I stick to my plan and prepare, but I also know it takes just the right race conditions which I cannot control. My second goal is for a sub 27:50 5K. My third goal is for a sub 60:00 10K. The half marathon is first, and then the 10K is next, followed by a 5K later in the season. Hopefully, the long run and 10K training will help with my 5K goal. This is also realistic and easy to measure.


GOAL #3: Since my goal is still to get stronger, I need to be able to know how much stronger? I need to be able to measure it throughout the year. I will need to work with my trainer to make that happen. Here is where I will need to have  plan to measure my strength now, and at various points throughout the year.

GOAL #4: How do you measure attitude and self efficacy? My goal is to have a positive attitude, practicing patience and confidence, trying to maintain a positive belief in my training.  Here is an excellent article in the power of self efficacy in personal training.  This may not be a SMART goal, but it is actually a very important goal to achieve success in any area of your life.


How would you measure attitude? I would love to know!

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