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New year, new gym: just keep moving forward

I am going to keep this brief-sometimes when you feel stuck in a rut it is best to move on. I learned this lesson the hard way in 2015; this time the transition out and onward was much easier because I knew from experience it’s best to just rip off the bandaid. It stings for a minute, but then it is over. Two days after calling it quits at the gym that is not a gym, I walked through the door of a “Crossfit” gym that is not a “crossfit” gym and was cautiously optimistic. After 3 visits here is what I like so far:

  1. The owner is experienced and confident, but not overly so. He is easy going, but not  a pushover, and he has a wicked attention to detail as far as mobility goes. My pushups have been deconstructed, and I won’t be overhead lifting for awhile, at least at the gym. Why? Because he knows he cannot keep an eye on my every move and he wants me to be successful without developing bad habits. Smart.
  2. There is a women’s bathroom. It may not seem like a big deal, but clearly there are a lot of women who train here and there is a respect for the differences between men and women; which means there are more people like me.
  3. Background music is imperceptible at times; it is truly background music and not music to work out to-chosen by the coach. No more awkward moments listening to profanity in mixed company. Call me old or old fashioned, but it is not necessary.
  4. Being treated like a grown up-is nice. I never would have ben ready to walk through the door and be able to work out in a place like this without learning some of the ropes at Gain, for that I am grateful, but it is nice to be expected to keep track of your own training, to work with a coach to plan for the day, but to also know that someone is checking on your form and is available for questions and tweaking.
  5. The owner wants everyone to feel welcome, each day I have gone to the gym he has made introductions, making sure the “regulars” know my name. It is a small thing but a big thing because it breaks the ice. It is the right thing to do. With that one small move he did not need to sell me on his gym community-he showed me he cares about the community, and everyone is included.


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