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My 2015 in Pictures

I didn’t want to let the last day of 2015 go by without one last post; and I thought it would be cool to simply post meaningful pictures from each month to capture the essence of the year as a whole. It was harder than I thought, and it took me all day to do it.

resracejan12015babyjax  path


Starting the year off right: Resolution 5K. Who would have known this would be my fastest 5K all year, just a few seconds shy of my 5K PR? But the  highlight of January was the birth of my third grand-daughter. I had a chance to be with her the week after she was born, while continuing my Galveston Half Marathon training in  Texas.



I flew to Texas to visit my grand-daughter and run the Galveston Half Marathon. “Fun!” I thought, “Flat!” I thought, but I wasn’t prepared for the heat and humidity. I bonked around mile 7 and don’t even know how I finished. In Feb I also  took a picture after the first half (5 miles)of a long run outdoors; and then the remainder of my run on my treadmill-for a total of 14 miles. This would be my last outdoor run for a very long time.



I continued half marathon trainbeerrunnersing into March, with Wallis Sands Half in my sights. It was a do-over.I visited Texas again, and continued to run. But I also got the awesome opportunity-thanks to Runner’s Alley and Coastal Athletic Association- to run with the Fish Town Beer Runners. Below is a picture we took with them at Redhook Brewary after a screening of their documentary film.


bostonkinvaraMy favorite shoes, Boston Saucony Kinvara 6’s; and one of my last long training runs through Dover, NH. My daughter and I stopped to take a picture of some cows.  doverlongrun

golfAnd I took a little break from running  and played a little golf. I am smiling on the outside, but not happy on the inside.


When May arrived my mental attitude was not good. I was trying to hold it all together in order to race well, but I was pretty unhappy with the way things were progressing or not progressing with my fitness training. May was do or die month. I ran my best half marathon time ever, and broke up with my trainer.


Wallis Sands Half Mile 10


Redhook 5K a week later


June began with a new running coach-my cousin, and a new personal trainer, and I began focusing on my 10K goal. I made the mistake of running a couple races before I had fully recovered from my half marathon and learned a valuable lesson about recovery. I did get to travel to Philly, however, and run up the Rocky steps!



July was extremely busy, with family vacation time and a business trip to St Louis. Once again I enjoyed running in the heat and humidity while trying to capture some photos.




August is one of my favorite months. This year I convinced my husband to go to Cape Elizabeth for our anniversary weekend to watch our daughter and me run in the classic TD Beach to Beacon 10K. He had a blast! It is memorable because it is the first time I have ever had to stop to use a porto-john during a race. Lesson learned the hard way. No 10K PR in that race, but I did PR in the Saunders 10K 3 weeks later, and earned my first ever prize tee-shirt. And then, just for something fun and different, my daughter and I ran a 10 mile relay and ended up as the 7th place female team overall!

In the am before the race starts

In the am before the race starts


NH Ten Miler Relay




BONUS FUN: Seeing Steven Tyler   as a guest at a Zac Brown concert    at Fenway Park!steventyler


In September my trainer and I decided to experiment with some Crossfit Endurance training for a longer race the end of October. It was difficult for me to switch gears and trust the process and training and it made me slightly cranky giving up all of my miles. However, I ran some pretty good 5K’s leading up to the big race and felt really strong! I continued to place in the top 10 in my age group several times, including the Foxpoint 5 Miler!


Eliot 5k


I continued my training and ran another really good 5K, and then finished the month off with the Newburyport Half Marathon relay with my trainer. It was a very different experience knowing that someone who has been working with you to improve and be successful cared enough to actually go through the training as well. It was a tough, hilly course, and the longest distance I had run since September. And we welcomed a new baby grandson to the family!

justin-nbryprt                       aidan-bigbro


I was so close to achieving a 5K PR I tried 3 more times in November-which was probably too many races and not enough recovery time. But I had fun trying, and they were for a good cause. I also got to travel to Minneapolis, and ran in the coldest temps of the year!


Timmy Trot 5k


Timmy Trot 5k with my trainer


Navy Seals honoring Dan Healy


And then on to December-with two trips planned in 2 weeks, it was a challenge to get my running and workouts in and be ready for the holidays! Katie and I decided to try some trail running, which was a blast. And ice skating, which was not so fun.


In the end, my year took an unexpected turn in a very different direction from what I had envisioned at the beginning of 2015. But now, looking back, everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to happen. Change is hard and sometimes reality is harsh, but that is life -living and learning from it. That is the difference between success and defeat. Bring on 2016.


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