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Like Money in the Bank

It’s true. I am just recently recovering from an intestinal virus which hit my husband and I both pretty hard a couple days ago. The difference is, after being pretty much down for the count yesterday, today I was ready to run a couple miles at noon time. He, on the other hand, spent today in bed. Considering how few calories I consumed in a 24 hour period, and considering how terrible I felt just 24 hours ago, I was pretty amazed I felt good enough to run a few intervals today.

I never really thought about it before, because I do not get sick very often, but I am thinking it must be due to my growing “Fitness Savings Account.” My friend said I have “good constitution.” Apparently living a healthy lifestyle and working out can do wonders to help you recover more quickly from illness and injury.

“The point is that training is part of your lifestyle. It’s something that you should want to do for the rest of your life. But, as you increase your training age (how long you have been doing it) the benefits are more likely to stick around – and you’ll be less sore/less affected when returning to workout after a brief hiatus.” –Gainblog Oct2015

Besides recovering more quickly than I anticipated, this was the first time I decided not to go to the gym in spite of barely being able to stand up. In my former life I refused to cancel a session for any reason. Ever. I guess I have finally learned that 1 or 2 missed sessions is not going to cause a rapid decline in fitness, and if you are not even close to 100% well, then you are better off resting. Your body needs to make use of what resources you have and if you are sick AND trying to work out, you are actually taking a pretty big withdrawal on that account.

So apparently doing the work day in, day out matters-for more than just race goals and PR’s. The unintended consequences of training for life means less time on the sidelines or on the bench. And that is a good thing.


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