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Leveling up-again

Coach Number 1 protected me and babied me, but I learned the fundamentals and got strong, really strong.

Coach Number 2 challenged me to think in different ways with an emphasis on independence, movement and maintenance.

Coach Number 3 …we will see…


Here’s the part I don’t like-when a new coach writes a program and doesn’t really know what you can do, but once they figure it out the expectation gets ramped up, positions get tweaked, and 2 weeks later you’re sore-really sore. The attention to the little things makes a huge difference-especially when nobody has been paying attention for months and form fell off the wagon.

My body is used to a schedule, a routine and a certain way of doing things, including warming up and lifting. When that routine is suddenly shifted and the emphasis shifts, there is some getting used to. Going from 3 strength days to 2, going from deadlifts, squats and upper body on different days to all three on day 1 means the other days are mostly recovery.

It took a week for my shoulders to recover from excessive pushups, planks , pushpresses and more pushups in my previous program. A couple weeks ago it was mostly upper body-now the emphasis has shifted to core (everything in the middle of my body)strength and lower body. My core-and I know what that is-is crying right now, everything from abs to hip flexors. Ring roll outs to a plank position? Maybe I rolled out too far. Deadlifts and squats in the same day? Maybe not both at 75-80%. I am probably doing more than I should be doing, just because I can.

So my shoulders and traps have calmed down and I can do a decent pushup again, but my left glute medius, hip and abs need some love. I am hoping I can go for an easy-ish run this weekend. 1 rest day a week turned into 3 rest days this week.

Right now we are in that experimental phase-again-and it kinda sucks. I know in the end I will be stronger, but right now I feel as if my body is telling me to back off and ease into change. My instinct is to rest and recover, so that is what I am going to do. I have a tendency to do too much. Maybe this is the year I learn how to plan my own workouts based on what I need and what works.

Time to level up. Again.

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