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Learning is hard, but never a waste of time

Week 2 at my new gym and in a nutshell, I feel pretty good about my choice for now. I am happy to have had my previous experiences working with two very different coaches in 2 very different training environments. I have tried not to let my insecurity get the better of me, in spite of how my previous coach felt it was appropriate to let me know he dreaded coaching me. Maybe that is why he didn’t think it was worth it to pay for professional certification. There is a standard that should be upheld if you belong to a professional organization-whether you decide to abide by it or not.

Here are some highlights after just 6 visits:

Introductions to other gym members-it is called walking the talk-do what you talk about, but do it more than talk about it. In other words, don’t just keep bashing people over the head with how you are a community-just do what makes people feel welcome, like make introductions, say hello, ask questions, and be friendly; model the behavior you want to inspire, it works wonders.

Mentors- there are women like me-stronger than me, older than me, doing things I am doing AND doing things I would love to be doing.

Flexibility- Maybe it is because I am still in my trial month, but the willingness to work with me on a program, along with flexibility, but attention to detail in movement is awesome. I feel empowered to be in charge of my goals.

Paying Attention- I like that I know someone is paying attention to my squats and deadlifts and giving feedback. There is a time and place for socializing, but when someone needs cueing and coaching that takes priority.

Comfort Level-Maybe it is in my head, but there is a  similarity in programming that mimics my first personal trainer that has me doing more work per session and I like that. I felt like I was in better shape a couple years ago, even though last year I added a day of weight training.

For now I am happy to be at a gym where middle aged women who lift also run. I am happy that I can work hard but modify what needs to be modified for now and work on mobility.

After the way things ended a couple weeks ago I am still overly concerned with being high maintenance, needy and  annoying, so I may come off as being unfriendly and aloof, but I am hoping the more professional, mature atmosphere and experience at the new gym will help me overcome my insecurities.


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