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Just Another Mindset Moment

I just returned from a business trip, with a couple more trips planned before the end of the year which means my workout routine will have to be a bit more flexible. I know the places I am staying have “gyms” or places to work out, but I am not exactly sure what equipment they will have. I could put my 25lb kettlebell in my carry on bag, but I’m pretty sure that would not go over very well with TSA.

This week my trainer suggested that if I am ever near a Crossfit gym that would be a great place to pay for a drop in session, since they would have pretty much any equipment I would typically use in a typical workout session at home. With him. In his gym. I just nodded and agreed, and moved on.

WAIT!! Did he just recommend a Crossfit gym to me?? 

Normally I would have reacted right away…let me back up for a moment. Normally he would not have used the words Crossfit in a sentence when speaking with me, because of my negative attitude, and some of the negativity about CF, maybe? I have been a “Crossfit hater” for a few years, and apparently there are as many haters out there as there are crossfitters after a quick and dirty Google search bringing up dozens of blog posts, memes, and pinterest boards.

Articles like this:

One reason why body builders hate crossfit

But there are many more articles like this:

8 Reasons why you crossfit haters are  wack

Yesterday my trainer finally pushed back a little when he shared a blog post with me and I said once again…..

but it’s a Crossfit gym.

When I first started going to his gym I told him how I felt about crossfit, and we had a great discussion about what crossfit has done for the general population and the fitness industry-much of it good. He wrote a blog post about his thoughts.

Why I hate Crossfit

My negative attitude toward Crossfit in general comes from nothing more than having been friends with someone who was obsessed with working out, eating right, and staying healthy. That was about 7 years ago-about the time I started working with a personal trainer. And now I here I am doing all the things she tried to get me to do 7 years ago-packing my gym bag and keeping it in my car; paying attention to carbs and protein, and running intervals, lifting weights, and doing pull ups.

Yesterday I realized I have no reason to be a hater, especially since I have never been to a Crossfit gym. Maybe I can already do some of the stuff Crossfitters do, and I suspect my gym may somewhat resemble a Crossfit box on the inside, but what matters is what is happening in the gym. Is everyone doing the same WOD? (Workout of the Day) Or are programs personalized to meet the needs and skill level of the learners?

Just like yoga studios, Barre classes, pilates, and track workouts with the local running club, it’s important to look for trainers, coaches and instructors or yogis that honor the individual. And we owe it to those spaces to be responsible as well, honoring our bodies, and our minds.

Like any other gym out there and any other practice such as yoga, spinning, barre, pilates..the list goes on, it is the people-the coaches and trainers-and not the program-that makes the difference.

If you want to get better at something, have goals. Goals will be broken down into skills, and strategies are the steps needed to learn the skills to achieve your goals. If you want to get healthy, stay healthy and move better, for life-try to find someone like Justin.

Here’s a good post from Deuce Gym on why exercise is not a skill. Enjoy:

Exercise is not a thing






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