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Injury Update: It’s all mental now, or is it?

It has now been 10 days since I sprained my foot/ankle in a trail race, while training for my goal race which is in 12 days. I have been working hard to maintain my fitness-without running. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to have patience and to remain calm and positive because I have never trained through an injury so close to a goal race before. It is kind of a big thing to me, even though this 25K trail race is supposed to be a fun adventure, it is still a large goal looming. I take my goals very seriously. It has been a year since I have trained this hard and this consistently to achieve a race goal and the fact that I have not run in 10 days is making me slightly anxious.

There is a lot of mental coaching that goes into training for a goal, and now is the time to really focus on the positive self talk and positive mental imagery. Unfortunately, I am feeling the effects of a taper week a little soon, and I am trying to focus on maintaining my nutrition, my attitude, and maintaining faith in all the hard work I have put in over the last 4 months.  My last month of training was filled with ups and downs and I would like to be feeling more optimistic and confident going into next week.

So how is it going?

  • The ankle and foot are feeling great, thanks to voodoo flossing adn banded distraction, but they have yet to be tested on the road.
  • My mobility work has taken a back seat, except for the ankle, so I am feeling anxious about my hips and back.
  • I have been trying to be mindful about hydration and nutrition, eating more protein and adding electrolytes to my water, but I am not hungry, so it is a challenge to eat enough.
  • Adding a different set of exercises and activities for conditioning is great aerobically, but I am concerned about other body parts being impacted that might affect my running.

So as you can see, I have some doubts and right now I am not feeling as positive as I was a week ago. Training for this event has been a huge change for me; I realize I prefer to talk through my training-it helps me make sense of what I am doing and it helps alleviate any concerns and self doubt. Training to achieve a goal is fun but daunting at the same time. Fortunately, life is filled with opportunity to try new things and better yourself, and you get points just for trying! This blog helps me talk it out so that I can get back out there and feel good about my efforts with no regrets.




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