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How good is good enough?

Having spent the last 3 years super focused on accomplishing fitness and nutrition goals, I find myself wondering what next? I want to improve my speed, endurance, and strength (power.) Those are three pretty general goals when it comes to running-but they are all connected.

How fast is fast enough? Speed is relative. I have written about that before. It depends on the distance of the race. Am I training for a 5k or a half marathon? But even if I train hard, am I too old to get faster? After reading the articles below, the answer is maybe, but strength training can help minimize the effects of aging on oxygen uptake, as well as lead to an improvement in running economy.

How strong is strong enough?

  • Am I  strong enough to run at VO2Max for a 5k? A 10K?
  • What effect does weight training have on running economy? And how does it affect performance?

So now that we know what the questions are, it’s time to look at goals. It’s also time to look at some incidental goals, like stress management, improved mobility, and maintaining a positive self image and attittude.

Should goals follow the SMART formula? (specific, measureable, realistic and timely) Or can goals be more subjective? How do you measure self efficacy, positive attitude and positive self image?

The psychologist in me wants both. What do you think?

5K PR!

5K PR!






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