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When I think back to last summer when I first decided to take a huge risk and join a gym that is not really a gym, to work with a new coach who is not a trainer, and to learn how to move better and learn some olympic lifts, but not do Cross Fit, I wonder, at times, “What was I thinking?”

When I think back to the day I realized I wanted my new coach who is not a personal trainer or a runner to be my running coach, I wonder what I was thinking!

When I recall the conversations I had about my lack of self confidence, my lack of trust, and my lack of desire to belong to any sort of fitness community due to my dislike of people, I also wonder what the heck was I thinking?

I did not know it a year ago, but today I know I made the right decision. Whereas 6 months ago I had some doubts about whether or not I was in this by myself, or for the right reasons, and whether or not I even had goals, today I realized that working with a coach should feel like a partnership built on knowledge, trust, communication, and empathy.

I also realized that although I may have worked with someone in the past who was skilled at creating programs to help me accomplish physical short term goals, there was no real investment or commitment to help me or anyone else become a better human being.

Today I woke up to a social media post:

Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I couldn’t agree more. But it is also important to recognize differences in attitude, and philosophy matter. A year ago when I was looking for a new coach and personal trainer all I wanted was for someone to write me a program to maintain my fitness level and monitor me so I would not get hurt. A year ago I was hopeful I could continue to run and improve. A year ago all I wanted to do was to show up and do the work.

Today I was surprised that what I do matters, to more than me. It is a partnership built on trust, commitment and collaboration. I am grateful for a coach that honors my goals as well as who I am as a person, and who is willing to put in an equal amount of effort to help me achieve my goals. It is amazing to me that such a place exists, because each and every person at Gain probably feels the same way I do.

At the end of the day, if you are in the business of helping people feel and be the best version of themselves, providing a positive, supportive, environment that reflects your personal philosophy and mission goes a long way toward accomplishing that goal. It makes me want to be a better person.





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