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Getting Ready for the Next Big Thing

Right now the focus is getting back into running shape, and although I miss working on overhead lifts, my shoulders are much happier and I am working more on building strength and improving movement in other ways not so hard on my shoulder joints.

I have a new PR in my front squat, which happened while I was recovering from a cold, and I am back to programming in pairs, not really super sets, but going through 10 different exercises in a session. Maybe it is to keep me from getting bored- no worries there-but whatever the difference, I am starting to build strength once again, while continuing to work on refining movement patterns, especially for anything shoulder related.

What am I training for? Well I have signed up for a half marathon in 9 weeks which will be a challenge for sure, and I have been thinking about jumping into a cross fit class. If you have read any of my blogs you know I don’t jump into anything without researching the heck out of it and asking a hundred questions. I also do not like to do anything without a purpose. Right now cross fit classes do not really fit into my training schedule- so if I add something I need to take something away. I am not sure I can do that just yet since I am still building up my mileage and need to run 4 days in order to get there.

So, I will keep lifting and keep running and keep training and maybe jump into a cross fit class just for fun this month. My goal is to be able to do a class AND run on the same day, or maybe switch to two classes with 1 semi private class and some open gym time to work on lifts. We will see. I love that I have options. Now I just need to be ready to switch things up.

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