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I have been thinking about how my food choices have changed over the last 2 years; at a time when I was going to the gym faithfully, going to yoga, and beginning to get in shape to start running- for the first time, really, since I was in high school. And even in high school I hated to run.

Once I made it a goal to try to seriously shed some extra pounds , I started focusing on how I was actually fueling my body and how it was affecting me. The first thing I did was adjust my caloric intake and adjust the types of calories I was eating. The My Fitness Pal App was incredibly helpful in determining not only the percentage of protein, carbs, and fat I was consuming, but it helped me to plan how to make the switch to consuming more protein and complex carbs as opposed to sugar and simple carbs. And how to keep track of my calories.

It takes more energy to burn protein, than carbs. In the beginning, my goal was to consume 50% protein on any given day, and not from dairy products. Of course once I started training to run half marathons, I needed  to increase my carb intake in order to fuel my muscles during long, slow runs, but otherwise, I pretty much stuck to the rule of 50% protein. This also meant switching to fish and chicken 3-4 days a week, adding eggs almost every day, adding beans and adding a protein powder mix to Almond milk every day.

Paying close attention to my carbohydrate intake the first couple weeks was important because my brain needed to detox from the sugary, salty, fatty junk I was putting into my body every day. Once I stopped eating certain foods, I never went back. I eventually added non fat Greek yogurt, some low fat milk, some bread products, and an occasional sweet treat, but there are some foods that are gone from my diet altogether.

It is interesting to think back to those early days when I thought to myself, “How will I ever give up pasta and cheese?”

Here is my list of foods not to eat:

Peanut Butter (How many of you love peanut butter?)

Hard cheese~ (I LOVED to eat cheese and crackers with my wine)

Pasta-(I will eat a small amount of gluten free pasta if forced at knifepoint)

Mayonnaise-I will eat homemade types of flavored mayonnaise on occasion

Hot dogs and other non natural processed meats- once in a great while I will get sliced turkey at the deli.

Here is a list of foods I added to my diet regularly:

Eggs- almost every day

Salmon/haddock or some other lean fish at least twice per week

Non-fat Greek yogurt

Olive oil

Whey protein powder

Almond milk


Water, water, water

What foods are on your “What not to eat” list?




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