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Partway through the first week of January, 2016, and I keep coming back to this idea:

My One Word

Hence the title of this blog post. My one word for the year is FOCUS -v. to pay particular attention to. For me, this one word pretty much sums it up. I often find myself distracted, with my mind wandering and thoughts running out of control. In my often hurried and distracted state of mind I am rushing around, I forget things, I lose things and before you know it life simply becomes unraveled for me.

Yesterday was the last straw. I got up early, planned to go to the gym, have an awesome workout, and then go for a nice leisurely run at noon. I packed my bags, brought my layers, and started the day with a positive attitude. My workout was okay, I forgot it was a deload week and sometimes that just doesn’t feel right. I wanted to work on my push press, but that didn’t go quite right either, and I felt my mind start to wander. I managed to maintain my positive attitude, and finished my workout in less than an hour, skipping my last set of hill sprints because the treadmill was still not working, figuring I would run it off at noon. I was proud of myself for not imploding when I really wanted to focus on my lifts and it was basically a hurry up are you done yet session. The positive take away was I did not break a sweat and I figured I could wear the same clothes for my run!

But when I arrived at work I discovered I had lost a glove somewhere between the gym and work. Last week I lost a pair of sunglasses. My daughter said, “Mom, you need to figure something out. It’s too late for you to become anal about your stuff like me, but you need a system.”

She’s right. My gym bag(s) are a metaphor for my life-a disorganized bit of a hot mess, spilling over everywhere. I have too many projects going on at once, I have too many ideas, plans, thoughts and yes-excuses.


This morning I wanted to write a blog post about what I am calling my Push Press Project-my year of working on a goal, and capturing my weekly progress on video. I wish I had done that with my running. As I started thinking about this week as the kick off week, and about my goals for the year, including my gym’s 4 week Lifestyle Challenge which starts Monday, I realized it comes down to one word: FOCUS. The difference between accomplishing goals and achieving success is keeping your eyes on the prize and maintaining focus. I know if I don’t focus I will easily let positive habits slip by, then feel disappointment when success slips by too.


For me my most challenging act of FOCUS will be to maintain a positive attitude in spite of circumstances and situations beyond my control. Yesterday I was able to recognize my positive attitude on the edge of collapse and I reeled it in, avoiding the dreaded “spiral if doom.”

A year is a long time, a lifetime is even longer. An hour or even a day or week in the big scheme of things is not a big deal unless you let it become a big deal.

I am happy with my 2016 mantra. FOCUS. The success of my 4 week Lifestyle Challenge will definitely depend on my ability to FOCUS on nutrition, mobility, hydration, sleep, and mindfulness. I am hoping it will kickstart a couple new habits for me in my journey toward peace and happiness.

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  1. You don t have to come up with your life goals right now. You could just think of something you d like to achieve over the next 6 months to a year, and continue to explore different things until you find your dream.

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