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Five for Friday-

What does TWO MINUTES  mean to you?

Today’s Five for Friday is all about how TWO little MINUTES impacted my workouts this week. As I ran on the treadmill this morning doing my interval workout, I thought to myself, “How can two minutes feel like forever?” And then as I slowed to a 2 minute recovery walk, I thought, “Why does this two minutes feel like it is going by so much quicker?”

TWO MINUTES:  20 Kettlebell swings followed by 10 Burpees. Twice. Seems like a really long time.


Finishing 800 M intervals with TWO MINUTES at 5Kpace -30 seconds. Twice.

with a TWO MINUTE rest. It goes by very, very quickly.

TWO MINUTES waiting for my lunch to cook in the microwave. Why does that two minutes feel like forever?

Two little minutes; 120 seconds. If you only had 10 minutes, how would you spend it?

Happy Friday!







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