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Finding the Golden Ticket

This could also be entitled, “The Quest for Self Motivation.” Surprise! There is no golden ticket. The search for self motivation is a quest- a journey filled with twists and turns, dead ends, surprises and aha moments. I am a very self motivated person-or so I thought, but two things happened recently which made me realize that if I am in it for life, I am in it on my own.

The first thing to happen was not earth shattering, but caused me to stop and think:

Why am I running? Why am I training?

Scenario # 1

Last Sunday the weekly running column in our local Sunday newspaper featured a story about my gym ( it is no longer my new gym), my trainer, aka my coach, and how we decided to work together on a 10 week running plan based on shorter, more intense runs, combined with 3 days of strength training. You can read about it here. We decided to pick a 10K goal race to be run at the end of the 10 weeks, however, that meant finding a 10K Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Run-no such luck. Instead, we chose a half marathon relay-midway through the training plan. This would serve as a benchmark for the remaining 5 weeks of training, culminating with a 5 mile race. The relay was super fun, and went well and I was happy with my training progress.

In my mind, halfway through a plan means you tweak, adjust and move on to complete what you started. You can then measure where you are in the beginning, midway and at the end. As I started this week, technically in Week 7, I found myself questioning the end goal and felt my motivation slipping away. What is the end goal? I realized I very much need a measureable goal to stay motivated.

Scenario # 2

I have been not so subtly trying to encourage my husband to get to the gym for strength and conditioning for many, many months. Years maybe. I go through dry spells where I don’t say anything at all, and then I hit him with a barage day after day after day. He is active, but not in shape and thus ends up injured time and time again which prevents him from doing what he loves to do-play golf. He just recently recovered from yet another injury, and I sensed it was a good time to throw a jab and mention the gym, yet again. Only this time, he didn’t get cranky with me. He didn’t say anything at all. Yesterday out of the blue he started asking questions about my gym and what it was like. I realized at that moment that no matter what I said or did, he had to find a motivating factor within himself to start getting in shape for life. Maybe he will follow through and maybe he won’t. I can’t make him do what he is not motivated to do. He needs to find that self motivation factor or factors that work for him.

Here’s a great article on finding Self Motivation from Life Hack

And if you want to be inspired by someone who is self motivated, check this out:

The key then, is to find ways to stay motivated-to stay the course- and to remain consistent, resilient and persistent in following your goals and dreams, in spite of your circumstances. It may sound cheesy, but like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, like Charlie and his golden ticket, you have it within you to do whatever you want to do. Stop looking for it, and start believing it.

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