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Change Part 2: What has REALLY changed?

Last week I wrote about how my overall fitness attitude and outlook had changed since joining Gain, and I continue to be reminded that no matter how old you are it is never too late to learn and become a better version of yourself.

Afterward I realized I have experienced some pretty dramatic physical changes as well.

For years I went to the gym twice a week, worked with a trainer, lifted weights and worked on conditioning. This fall I added a third day of weight training-skeptically at first. There has been a significant change not only in what I am lifting, but how I am lifting. I went from lifting and swinging 25-35 lb kettle bells all day long (not really), dead lifting for power, and using dumb bells for squats and lunges, along with a ton of body weight exercises; to using a barbell to squat, dead lift and lift overhead.  I laugh because I thought I was strong before I started training at Gain, but I am so much stronger now. I’m not sure how much stronger, but I can see the biggest difference in my single leg work, in my abs and in in my overhead lifts. I thought I would never be able to do a single leg “pistol” squat, and 6 months later I can almost get down to the floor and back up on one leg. Almost.

I can now also understand a little bit about how a program is designed. I don’t need to be able to design my own program,(thank goodness) but I have a basic understanding of why I am doing what I am doing thanks to my trainer who is educating me.

My body has changed. Again. Getting stronger and maintaining my weight means less fat. My legs, my arms, my back and my abs feel so much stronger than before. I used to have a little bit of fat here and there that I associated with age, but that pretty much disappeared. I tell my family I feel large and they laugh at me.  It is a little uncomfortable and I am slowly getting used to it, and I am always hungry. I used to be hungry when I was running a lot, but since my mileage has decreased this off season, I guess my muscles need to be fed.

Since joining Gain I have stopped wearing heels. Completely. I used to wear heels occasionally, and I would end up in the chiropractor’s office every month because my hips would be out of alignment. I learned this year about the pelvic fault, thanks to Becoming a Supple Leopard’s Kelly Starrett. Not wearing heels means no lower back pain-ever. (Hardly ever). I recently transitioned to a stand up desk, and even after standing for several hours at a time during my work day, my feet are sore, but my back feels great.

So there you have it. Mental change AND physical change. I love that I can stand while I’m typing this and I feel strong. I love that I can do pushups and pullups and single leg squats and lift heavy things without hurting myself. I love that I am gaining an appreciation and understanding of my limits and learning to test those limits with guidance and support.




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