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By the Numbers

I am intrigued by data. My background is in Psychology, learning and teaching; and data-which is not always numbers-tells a story. Near the end of the first year I started seriously weight training, almost 4 years ago, I was tired of friends, family and colleagues commenting on my weight loss and change in physique. They assumed the changes in my physical appearance were due to dieting and running. While it is true I started changing the way I ate because I was running and lifting, there was so much happening at the gym they could not see I decided to get a T-shirt made listing everything I was doing behind the physical appearance. It added up to thousands of pounds of weight lifted, hundreds of lunges and body weight squats, and hundreds of miles run.

There is ALWAYS more than what you see on the surface.

I was going through some old blog posts this morning and the numbers I found reminded me of that shirt I had made; you can do the math:

2243 miles run (in 3 years)

700+ training sessions  (over 7 years)

185lb-MaxRep Deadlift (twice)

55 races (in 3 yrs)

35lb Kettlebell Turkish Get Up (Max)

35 years married to the same person

25 years working in the field of education, teaching and teaching teachers

7 grandchildren ( 1 more on the way any day now!)

7 half marathons (in 2 years)

7 years deadlifting, at least 1 per week (with a year and a half break somewhere in there)

3 years of running

1 day at a time.









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