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Bullet Proof

I have been at Great Bay Crossfit for 2 months, and although I am not doing any cross fit classes, I am feeling more at home in my new gym. I feel stronger than I have in nearly a year, and I feel good running, too. Yesterday one of the members was watching me do deadlifts and front racked barbell lunges and he casually commented,

You are so strong.”

I didn’t even hesitate before thanking him. It has taken me many years to get to a place where I know what my body needs and responds to in order for me to feel strong inside and out. Right now I am getting closer to that place of strength which means I have more confidence and I am more resilient. I am better able to deal with stress at work and at home, and it feels great. I am making myself bulletproof.

Becoming bullet proof isn’t as simple as walking through the door of a gym, or lifting heavy weights, or eating well. But it does start with making a decision to put yourself and your physical and mental health and well being first, above all else.

It then takes patience and consistency. For me, patience is the hardest part. Two months ago when I started running again I thought I would never be able to run more than 5 minutes at a time. My legs felt heavy, my feet were sore, I gave up easily. Two months ago when I walked into Great Bay Crossfit to start over I had to relearn how to do single leg deadlifts, and pullups (not chin ups) and pushups.

That is not how we teach the benchpress here.”

I did not feel remotely strong. I was told I would not be doing overhead lifts due to shoulder mobility issues. It felt like all of my hard work over the previous year and a half had been wasted. But I showed up consistently for my sessions and now, 2 months later I am starting to feel strong again. As the weight starts to increase and the soreness starts to fade, my legs are feeling strong again. My shoulders are free and my abs feel stronger. I do know what I am doing and I am strong. I am becoming bullet proof inside and out.



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