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Big things and little things

Sometimes it’s about the big things and sometimes it’s about the little things. For the first time in nearly a year I did Turkish Get ups at the gym. It may seem like a little thing, but it is kind of a big thing. A year ago was the beginning of the end of my previous strength and conditioning workout routine. One of the first kettlebell moves I ever learned after the swing was the get up, and It took me awhile to get even close to being able to do one with something heavier than a dumbbell. After a couple years of not taking it too seriously, I finally decided I wanted to do them correctly and with a heavier kettlebell. Thank goodness for YouTube and Neghar Fonooni.

A year ago I was anxiously planning a golf vacation week at Myrtle Beach, 2 weeks before my half marathon goal race, and had my personal trainer get so annoyed with me for asking him questions about how heavy I was lifting I almost walked out of the gym. He told me it was his job to pay attention to that and that’s why I was working with him. He never did answer my question. He told me taking a week off would be good and that it would not affect my fitness level, but he didn’t explain his thinking, he simply got annoyed with me for asking.

I went off to Myrtle Beach for some golf, and tried to focus on my running and my goal race, and tried not to worry. That was the last time I did Turkish get ups in the gym.

The last 10 months have forced me to learn outside my comfortable kettlebell routine world and almost nothing remains of that old world. So today it felt a little intimidating to do something old in my new world. It was a little thing with big implications. I felt a little nervous and uneasy, even though I thought I knew what I was doing- these days I take nothing for granted.

Honestly, I am glad that is behind me and I can take the next step toward completely shutting the door on last April. Just when I think all the negativity has left my mindset, something always seems to creep in. But then just as quickly I am reassured that I have earned the right to do what I can do, and some things I can do well.

It’s the little things that sometimes can be the biggest things.

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