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Assume Positive Intentions

This marks week 4 at my new gym, and although I have been burned twice, experience has taught me to learn from my mistakes, maintain high standards, and don’t expect too much. I have to say I came in with very few expectations, other than coaches who were educated and paid attention to how I was moving. So far the coaching has been pretty much what I expect; each session one of the coaches has a conversation with me about how I am feeling, and adjusts the plan based upon that. And then he watches me move, and we both know that if it doesn’t look good-it will be adjusted.

Today I worked on front squats-which I haven’t done in a gym in over a month, and everything felt good. No tweaking necessary. Then we tried pull-ups for the first time in the new gym-and just like my pushups, the expectations for my movement got ramped up a notch. “It’s like going from Middle School to High School” I said to one of the coaches, “you know how to do it-kind of, but then you learn how you should really be doing it.” I hadn’t done pull ups in many months, so I felt great about my 4 sets of 3.

And then there’s the friendly people. Everyone so far has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. When you feel welcome, you want to be more friendly. And I am still my quiet, reserved, not always smiling me, but there is the assumption that if I am there it is because I want to be there. A few people think I just walked in the door 4 weeks ago and started lifting heavy stuff. That always makes me laugh. They are impressed by what I can do, but I am more impressed by people who haver never done anything like this but they show up and just keep working. It is hard work. I will never say anything is easy. When I first met the gym owner and coach I told him I was strong enough. After 4 weeks at Great Bay Cross Fit I am not nearly as strong as I can be. With more of an emphasis on abs and core muscles, power and conditioning, it is going to be a fun year.

I am finishing up my 1 month trial and I still need to check out a group class. It is a cross fit gym, so cross fit. I am not sure about cross fit and I am not sure about group classes, but I am going to check it out. If anything, I will meet some more people and learn something new.


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