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Why Being Strong is Important

After last weekend’s test of strength- a long run followed by golf, I was happily surprised at how good I felt. I knew going into a 1 week golf vacation things would get interesting and I was right. I have been golfing for much longer than I have been running-nearly …

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An unexpected test and surprising results

I wanted to share a quick post before I take a break for a week, because it is pretty profound. If you have been following my posts for the last year you know I transitioned to a new running coach and gym. It has been almost  a year. What may …

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When I think back to last summer when I first decided to take a huge risk and join a gym that is not really a gym, to work with a new coach who is not a trainer, and to learn how to move better and learn some olympic lifts, but …

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Breathing In and Breathing Out


Add breathing to the list of things I never thought about before thanks to Gain Strength and Conditioning. Breathing is a skill, just like standing, sitting and walking. Breathing is one of those things that is automatic-meaning, you don’t really have to think about it to keep doing it-but paying …

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5 Mile Race Recap

Today was the 7th annual St Paddy’s 5 miler; and it was my 3rd time running this race. What traditionally is a St Patrick’s weekend race was moved to April this year due to traditionally very cold and windy weather on race day in March. Today we woke up to …

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