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Training Update: Run faster to run faster

Run more, run slower, run farther, run faster, don’t run on a treadmill, so much advice, and all of it good, but for someone like me who likes to follow rules, and follow a plan to a T, the best advice and plan in the world is not enough to …

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By the Numbers

I am intrigued by data. My background is in Psychology, learning and teaching; and data-which is not always numbers-tells a story. Near the end of the first year I started seriously weight training, almost 4 years ago, I was tired of friends, family and colleagues commenting on my weight loss …

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Strong at What Matters Most

I cannot believe it has been 4 months. I am reflective by nature, and so far in life-for the most part -it has served me well. For those who know me I can occasionally become overly analytical and reflective, but with support I can usually get unstuck and move on. …

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