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The Importance of a Coach

There is a theme here. I am finally at that moment when I realize I have no goal, I have no plan, and now I have no focus. I am trying like crazy to focus on quality not quantity, process not product, but since it is so nebulous and somewhat …

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How good is good enough?

Having spent the last 3 years super focused on accomplishing fitness and nutrition goals, I find myself wondering what next? I want to improve my speed, endurance, and strength (power.) Those are three pretty general goals when it comes to running-but they are all connected. How fast is fast enough? …

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A Work in Progress

This very well might be the last time I write anything referring to my previous personal trainer. It has been more than 3 months since I had my last workout with him, and I have had a solid 2 months of working with a new running coach and new personal …

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