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Foods Not to Eat

I have been thinking about how my food choices have changed over the last 2 years; at a time when I was going to the gym faithfully, going to yoga, and beginning to get in shape to start running- for the first time, really, since I was in high school. …

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Focusing on the Why and How

It has been a challenging month. As summers typically go, I start my days with a run, outside, go to the gym a couple days a week to lift, maybe golf a couple times a week, and then do it all over again. I look forward to my summer. This …

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Running like Goldilocks

Every now and then you experience the absolutely perfect running conditions. As I ran along my beautiful coast this past weekend, I felt like Goldilocks finding the perfect chair, eating the perfect porridge and then sleeping in the perfect bed. It was a beautiful sunny, dry day with temperatures in …

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