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Week 5: Adjusting to a new normal

For everyone following my journey about transitioning to a new personal trainer and running coach, and for those visiting for the first time, I am now halfway through Week 5, and have spent 6 hrs with my new trainer. Here is what I have learned so far: I am in …

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Week 4: Getting Used to Change

The older I get the more difficult it is to deal with change, but that is life. This week began with a very sore, pollen induced sore throat, a new running plan  from my new running coach-which includes a new method of record keeping and communicating; the official start of …

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Week 2: Welcome to Summer

It was 85 degrees on Saturday, this morning it is 45 degrees. Welcome to summer inNew England. The swimming pool in my backyard I added water to on Saturday is a mere inches form overflowing as the rain continues to come down. But so far it has been a very …

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