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Let Yourself Get Lost

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This is one of the themes that inspired this blog. I do have a tendancy to get a little bit “turned around.” I do not have a great sense of direction; I once got lost inside the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. I ended up logging 2 miles inside …

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Five for Friday-

What does TWO MINUTES  mean to you? Today’s Five for Friday is all about how TWO little MINUTES impacted my workouts this week. As I ran on the treadmill this morning doing my interval workout, I thought to myself, “How can two minutes feel like forever?” And then as I slowed …

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It is never too late

I have only been what I consider to be a “runner” for about 2 1/2 years. When I was a young child I studied ballet and dance, played sports, and was generally active. In high school I focused on field hockey, and as a younger adult I went back to …

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First Five for Friday!

I am happy to share my first #fiveforfriday post! Believe it or not, I have thought alot about this and love to read what others share each Friday. This week I found myself reflecting on what makes me happy, what I struggle with, and where I hope to be. It …

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What I Learned: Beer Runners

Today was supposed to be my first long training run for Wallis Sands Half Marathon, but since it was only a 6 miler, I decided to register for Portsmouth Beer Week’s Beer Run inspired run sponsored by 2 Beer Guys, Runner’s Alley, and Redhook Brewary. The fun 3 or 5 …

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